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@gaurav.bhorkar • 08 Apr, 2011
A lot of students in my college are talking about taking training this summer. I just wanted to ask, what do we learn in a training course (for CS)? Is is really good to go for training?
@Ankita Katdare • 08 Apr, 2011 • 1 like Summer Training is helpful if we get it from a really good company who look forward to taking good students and enhancing their skills.
Sadly, from what I've heard, all those who take training just to take 'that' highly glamorized certificate, don't do anything in their working span.

I think internship is better than getting training before final year. The reason being, the company pays us for the work we do. When they are supposed to pay the students, they expect some quality work being done and that gives the students hands-on experience.
@Farjand • 08 Apr, 2011 Mostly from my experience, it is the Student who pay. There is all 'setting' thing. The people from factories take money and give us so called certificates. Practically their value is 'NIL'.

But when we do internship, we have to follow the company. They release dates for internship. They take exams and they only select talented students. But very few people know the difference between internship and training.
@gaurav.bhorkar • 08 Apr, 2011 Thanks for the info, so internship is better than training.

Yes, most of the students are talking about the 10 marks the university gives on seeing the certificate. Ofcourse not good.
@Akanksha1 • 29 Apr, 2012 Going to the market to buy a certificate or getting some juggads done to get one from our PSUs is definitely the trend of today's market. What we need to analyse, is whether our investment of TIME is worth for our career or not. Even working in a startup without a stipend or minimal stipend can give u an exposure which can drastically change ur life. I found an interesting blog on this too -
@Ankita Katdare • 29 Apr, 2012 Quoting a few lines from the above mentioned article.
selling Java, robotics, ethical hacking & many such kind of workshops.
Yep. I have seen this too. Workshops and Ready-made projects as a byproduct of these workshops is selling like hot cakes everywhere.
We took up this problem & started thinking of designing a possible solution for this. We selected a bunch of students for a period of 6 weeks in their summers for this experiment. We exposed them to various possible topics of their field for a short duration of about 2 days each from an expert working in the industry on the same topic. For the first 20 days, students explored these topics on their own & after that they were able to differentiate between the topics which excited them & which didn’t. For the last 20 days, they worked on the topics of their interest and applied the concepts which they had learnt on some real industry problems.
The output of the students after 40 days was quite similar to our expectations. Each one of them was able to realise their interests by actually working on various topics for a short duration. Once they have exercised their choices, they actually worked on their areas of interest with much more enthusiasm, building their knowledge base & not merely blindly following their friends & going for the tangible outcomes. We conducted the similar experiment with students from different cities & backgrounds and found the results more or less similar in most of the cases.
This indeed is a good solution. I wonder if engineering students today in 2nd or 3rd year are willing to go that extra mile for actually learning things through practical experience and by getting exposure to the current trends in the industry.

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