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What is firewall? Detailed Explanation

Question asked by karamjitsingh in #Hacking and Security on Mar 5, 2013
karamjitsingh · Mar 5, 2013
😳hey world of knowledge. pelase xplain about the above asked question?? i am an elctronics guy want to know more deep about such ???,,,is firewall also sometimes called as router>>> Posted in: #Hacking and Security
Whats In Name
Whats In Name · Mar 5, 2013
Rank B3 - LEADER
Router is device that directs the data to a required location,a data packet contains a header with information about the packet,destination address,the work of router is to move that data to the correct destination.
Firewall is a program that protects unauthorized access to a system,it is more of a security thing.
No,firewall is not called a router,a router can have a firewall work along with it so that no harmful data is transferred.
Scorpion007 · Mar 6, 2013
Rank C3 - EXPERT
As Whats In Name alredy explained that router is used for routing of data but I wana to ADD some thing . Firewall is used to filter the network data and Protect you from harmful data. Fire wall may be software and may be hardware . in big organisation Hardware firewall used to filter and controls the data transmission it is a device .and yes some fire wall devices do routing , routing protocol also works in them. it is depend upon what type of firewall equipment you are using and what are the various features it provide. firebox watch guard is a fire wall device which also do routing. 😉

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