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dipen30 • Aug 20, 2009

what is engineering and who are engineers ?

what is engineering and who are engineers ?
please give your opinion ?
faizaan • Aug 20, 2009
hi dipen,

according to my point of view..

engineering is art which engineer's have.

engineering is a process of learning in which person learn's basic law's of science & about technologie's which are used in today's world.

engineer's are the person's who have knowledge of science and technology and they use this knowledge in their practical life by implementing their knowledge & designing new thing's which is beneficial to people in some way or other.

hope i am right...
gohm • Aug 20, 2009
I will try and break it down into your two seperate questions.

1. I have no idea
2. I guess me? Someone must think so, they give me a paycheck.

itchap • Aug 20, 2009
I think Engineer is a person who knows the maximum facts of science and technologies and also know how to apply them.

And engineering is the process of learning these facts of science and technologies.
@ gohm
Not only a paycheck. Things miraculously get fixed in your presence as well as employees from other departments seemingly bowing down to you as you pass by. Definitely something to do with engineering.. 😛

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