• Cyber war is described as a 'politically motivated' hacking to conduct sabotage and espionage.

    It is a form of information warfare. It has been defined by government security expert Richard A. Clarke, in his book Cyber War, as "actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption."

    There are references in near past of cyber wars in Cyberwarfare In The People%27S Republic Of China, Cyberwarfare In Russia & Cyberwarfare In The United States.

    There was a discussion on CE 3 years back regarding this: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Since then, a lot of things have changed. This thread is for all engineers to discuss about the ongoing issue of cyber wars. Are they disastrous? Can they be prevented?
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  • Anoop Mathew

    MemberJul 16, 2011

    Well, here's something i have seen about cyber crime: Have you seen the movie 'Die Hard 4.0'? In the movie, they mention about a Fire-sale on the US Government where all the computer based programs such as traffic, stock market, gas supplies, electricity and transport, and anything that is operated by computers gets sabotaged. What is it? Any ideas?
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  • silverscorpion

    MemberJul 17, 2011

    Cyberwar is already a reality. The most notorious and daring cyber stunt in recent times is the Stuxnet. It's an attempt to sabotage the nuclear infrastructure of Iran.

    This TED talk is a summary of how Stuxnet is combated. Do google Stuxnet for more information on how it was spreading and what its effects were..

    If you are interested in knowing more about it, here's the dossier prepared by Symantec about Stuxnet.

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  • Rahul Jamgade

    MemberJun 28, 2012

    Cyber war is against a nation rather than individuals. There is a complete machinery that works befind the cyber warfare. Though may not be official but are suppoted by the government of the nation.Also the attackers work under the cover of cyber law immunity.
    HOwever it is important to understand that the cyber warfare could have a huge impact. We have seen that the stuxnet was against Iran Nuclear program and was supposed to disrupt PLC that control the nucelar program.

    However it is one part of the war , it could lead to failure if critical systems like failure of financial systems, Denial of service attacks on critical infrastructure etc.

    Every nation has its own policy on cyber warfare.

    The latest one in the list is Flame virus which is supposed to be the most dangerous virus so far and is said to have involvement of Israel.
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