What is Cloudflare? How is it useful?

Wikipedia says, Cloudflare is a CDN and distributed DNS service aimed at enhancing website performance and speed and providing security
People say it gives resources to small sites that were only previously available to large sites.

Here's an introductory video I cam across:

If you are using it, let me know how and why it is useful.


  • Reya
    Ah! Amazing😲 Hackers discerned on websites using cloudfare application can be prevented from accessing other sites,preventing spams and threats,decreasing bandwidth,website stays online even when the server goes down,improving load time.
  • Reya
    Does CE uses this application? No, right? Seems you need to depend on a third party company as they are handling security requirements of that website.
  • Reya
    Steps to install cloudflare in your blog is givenHow to add your blog to CloudFlare.

    Can someone share your experience?
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Cloudflare will be a mediator between the web server and the end user. It fetches the webpage before the user does and then serves them through their own content delivery network aka CDN. This enables them add a layer of security & other enhancements to the pages. I haven't used the service yet.

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