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samaira • Aug 15, 2009

what is ADT??

what do u mean by Abstract data types.??And whats the relation between ADT and data structures???😕And one more thing i m 'to be comp engineer' so can anyone tell me all the things about computer that an engineer should know.Plz help
saurabh2486 • Aug 17, 2009
and for ur 3rd query u should be able to do coding and able to understand that how everything in computer works etc etc . if you have any problems u can ask lol
aponjon • Aug 17, 2009
abstract data type or abstract data structure is a mathematical model for a certain class of data structures that have similar behavior; or for certain data types of one or more programming languages that have similar semantics. An ADT is defined indirectly, only by the operations that may be performed on it and by mathematical constraints on the effects (and possibly cost) of those operations[1]. For example, an abstract stack data structure could be defined by two operations: push, that inserts some data item into the structure, and pop, that extracts an item from it; with the constraint that each pop always returns the most recently pushed item that has not been popped yet. When analyzing the efficiency of algorithms that use stacks, one may also specify that both operations take the same time no matter how many items have been pushed into the stack, and that the stack uses a constant amount of storage for each element.

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