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@simanti • 16 Dec, 2009 • 1 like
i am a second year b-tech student of mechanical.there is this paper presentation where i want to take part.but i have no clue what is to be done.
does it have to be my own innovation,like a project, or should it be an analysis of something that is already done?the topics cover a huge area.therefore, if it should be an analysis of something that already exists, then do i have to chose a particular thing out of the topic and analyse that?

Please do reply. its "urgent"!😒
@shahdharmit • 22 Dec, 2009 See for the latest research going on in the field of your interest. Select some topic. Search for the topic using Google. You'll get good documentation on

Now the hard copy of your paper presentation should strictly be of IEEE format. Ask your faculty to explain you about the format. I urge you not to simply copy-paste the material from the Internet into your paper. Do enough study. And do some modifications in it. Also if you've got some point in your mind regarding the topic then mention it.

Next comes the presentation aka ppt part. You might be given about 4-5 minutes for presenting and then a minute or two would be for the questions from judges and audience. Depending upon the time given to you for presenting your ppt, make appropriate number of slides. Select a nice template for the slides. Don't go for very bright and funny/decorative slides. Simple slides with minimal designing are best.

Hope it's clear now.
@simanti • 22 Dec, 2009 makes things clearer.😉
@Mag • 29 Mar, 2010 Being an I.T student I'd just like to help you out saying that, it will completely depend on your topic that whether it requires an analysis or whether it should be some previous one.
I'd suggest you present an entirely new topic that wouldn't be much complex but smart enough to be explained to the audience.
Even if it's gonna be a small topic, just elaborate it and explain it at your'll surely step out to be effective after following this.;-)
So..Best of Luck.
@Vega • 30 Mar, 2010 To put it in simple words -- a) Choose a topic, b) study it and c) present what you have studied to audience. That's paper presentation.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 30 Mar, 2010 Paper presentation is not same as project. For presenting a paper, you need to pick up a topic and then study it in depth; gathering as much information you can gather from various source. The main motto behind organizing paper presentation contests,fests is to make students aware of what's going on in the world of technology & engineering.

I'd recommend taking down notes of all the important points you understand during your preparation so that they come handy while working on the presentation. Making a power point presentation isn't very hard thing to do if you know the subject very well. Begin with a simple introduction and briefly discuss the topic (maybe it could be a solution to some problem). In next slides go on touching various sub-topics (uses, advantages, disadvantages, applications etc.) and conclude your presentation with a summary of what you discussed. I'd also encourage you to discuss your own thoughts on the topic. Why hide creativity & imagination? 😀

Be sure not to load your slides with text. Use larger fonts and big pictures in your slideshow. If you write everything on the slides, then audience will not listen to you. They'll read the text themselves and not pay attention to you.

I hope this helps. If you need any further information, feel free to ask in this thread 😀
@optimystix • 30 Mar, 2010 i second what biggie said.

the paper presentation is usually of 10 minutes followed by 5 mins question answer round.
do not use much text. just mention the headings and explain them in your words. its a presentation and not essay/story writing competition right? 😀

Since you are in mech field, I advice you study your topic well and focus more on practical application of your topic. Do some 1st hand practicals on it if possible and present your data and results too. these will definitely fetch you more marks. Present your data effectively through graphs and charts.

Keep text to the min, use more of images, keep text big and bold. dont clutter a single slide. use videos too(include audio only where needed).

and most of all prepare yourself for the QnA session with the judges. If you answer them well, you can guarantee your success.
@KOVINDRAN A P • 06 Jul, 2017 can i explain my project idea in a paper presentation.
plzz do reply. i m a second year in mechanical engineering. i love it a lot..
@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Jul, 2017
can i explain my project idea in a paper presentation.
plzz do reply. i m a second year in mechanical engineering. i love it a lot..
I think that'd depend upon the nature of the paper presentation contest. If it allows you to discuss ideas, then you may; else not.
@supriya VN gowda • 17 Jan, 2020

For paper presentation either you can choose your own topic or you can do research on the existing topics and try to add few extra search you have made on that topic. If you think you can implement your topic in any other techniques you know you are pleased to implement that. In paper presentation you have to explain your research work in the time allotted to you and you will have question and answer round where you need to answer the questions asked by the judges. 

In presentation if you add about your survey work your presentation will get more important than others. Its better to have paper presentation in a simple way and make your presentation in point wise.

@Noothan Kumar • 24 Jan, 2020

Paper presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the audience. They see the way you present your topic, the way you put your points, your presentation style, your language and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions. Then you have to prepare the 'Abstract'.

@Swarup Pan • 24 Jan, 2020

If you are talking about paper presentation for the final year there would be a lot of instructions that you could easily get from your seniors.

You can always reach out to them for any kind of help. I also did the same and I nailed it in the first place.

If you are about to present any paper in the big stage, then you can easily reach out to your college professors.

They will definitely guide you with the exact details..

@bill yorke • 25 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

In paper presentation, I believe it is like you will be selling your understanding, fascination, and intrigue to certain certain aspects of research related to your career. It is important to choose a topic which are very comfortable with or something that at least interests you. Then you will need to look for any publications ( not older than 5 years) that details any research and analysis of the topic. I believe Google scholar could be a useful resource here given precise and authentic analysis as well way of paper presentation. Study these publications/ research papers to understand more about the subject and even critique whenever possible. Find areas you think we're not majored in or not covered from which you can basis your own paper.

During presentation you need to be confident, well acquainted with the contents of your paper and show enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity. The paper should be well organized and adequately referenced.


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