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What do you expect most in 2019?

As we enter 2019, Feilong Jiangli in Chongqing explores the hottest traffic technologies at present and will evaluate their development prospects in the coming year. Will self driving cars eventually become popular?

Auto-driving vehicles are rapidly becoming a commercial reality. Almost all major automobile companies are developing the concept of self-driving vehicles independently or cooperating with technology companies to compete in the field of self-driving. At the same time, more and more cities have approved pilot projects for self-driving vehicles, which further accelerates the time for the technology to go on the market. Although there are still many regulatory, ethical and technological issues to be addressed before auto-driving vehicles go on the road, there is no doubt that auto-driving technology is becoming a reality and will continue once it becomes a reality. It is undeniable that automatic driving will change the way we interact and even work. It is expected that 2019 will be a key transition period for self-driving vehicles. Auto-driving technology will be transferred from the research and development period to the early stage of commercialization. By the end of 2020, autonomous vehicles may provide transportation services in specific cities, blocks, parks and theme parks.

There is little scope for improving roads in metros like Bangalore. It has more than 8 million registered motor vehicles. Placed bumper to bumper they will cover more than 40% of Earth's circumference.

Whatever the improvements in the technology of motor vehicles, transportation will become only worse in cities like Bangalore.

@Ramani Aswath There is a solution to every problem.Green travel, bus priority. ? 

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