14 Jan 2019

What Do Engineers Need to Know for 2019?

Machine Design asks: Last year we saw many of the tech innovations that have been living in the fantasy development lands come to life. The Internet of Things is now mainstream and here to stay. Cloud analytics is no longer a “what-if,” but rather a “how can we?” Simulation and the digital twin help us predict the future of products before they are even built. Robots are being integrated into automation production cycles and 3D printing is the definitive method to prototype products. So, for 2019, what should engineers know so they can be ready for the changes? 


DM update

DM update

Electronics and Communication
16 Jan 2019

Engineers should be prepare for next level changes in technology and should be flexible towards changes. Technology keeps on changing and one should make ourselves ready to learn new things .

AdhikariHarika Reshma

AdhikariHarika Reshma

Computer Science
17 Jan 2019

There are many emerging technologies coming into the tech world.So the engineers should be prepared themselves and should be updated with the latest technologies.Soon the languages like c,java and many will occupy less importance at the time of hiring,having atleast the basic knowledge of technologies will help.

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