What Causes Frustration Among Software Engineers?

I see that most of my friends who're working in the IT/Software industry are frustrated with their jobs. 99% of them are 'sticking' to the job because they've EMIs & others are just hanging on because they've nothing else to do. There are *very few* engineers who're in the job because they love it. Just wondering what causes frustration among the software engineers -
  • Is it high stress level?
  • Is it monotonous work?
  • High expectations from society?
  • Bad bosses & mangers?
  • High competition for promotions and salary hikes?
Or other reasons. What's your take?


  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    I'm working in embedded software so it's little different than typical Software employee. And embedded is my interest so right now enjoying coding but from my friends point of view i can third and fourth point can be the reason for frustration.

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