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What career choice should I make?

Hello everyone, My question is related to career.. I have done my BE in Electrical and Electronics engg from a state private college passed out june 2017.. didn't secure any campus placement. For 6 months I was at home thinking what should I do. I seriously dont have any goal or aim in life.. so I was wondering what should I do. Even though I got negative Mark's in Gate 2017. I thought I wont get good job in private so I joined coaching for Gate in Mar 2018. I gave  GATE 2019 but didn't clear that as my basics were clear in while preparing I lost my confidence in the middle of the preparation as it was my first time preparing for national level exam. Now I'm stuck clearly no idea because its  April 2019. Almost 2 years gone. Now I dont have confidence to prepare again for Gate. NOR I WANT TO GET INTO IT sector.. Thinking of banking po exam to prepare.. any suggestions please.. 

Vinay Mishra
Vinay Mishra • Mar 31, 2019

@shantesh kattimani  Look Shantesh, I think the problem is your aim which you haven't decided yet. First go for that. I am also from engineering sector and I don't think getting a job is much difficult if you have right skills required for that particular job.

I understand your situation. and I only advice you to first go and decide what job you want to do or what's your aim. It's late but you can. You have faced a lot of failures, don't waste them. Let it be a motivation for you.

I am not saying go and do hard work once again for GATE or any other exam. I just want to say that decide one target and shoot it. We can't get success if we give our mind different options. It's too diverting.

Think what makes you happy, what feels you comfortable. Don't take much stress and pressure and the most important thing, BELIEVE ON YOURSELF.

Hope it helps!

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 31, 2019

In my opinion, you don't have to aim for IT job or any technical job per se. There are plenty of non-technical jobs you could try. If you take my suggestion, you should aim to get an MBA degree which will increase your chances of finding a non-technical job in sales or marketing or finance - whatever suits your likings. 

Bank PO exams are good too - but look at past few years of papers and find out if you can really crack the exam and get the required score. If you think you can - go for it. 

It's okay to have lows; they teach us to be more powerful and bounce back. 

In the face of adversity, are you a Guernsey or a Brahman? 

Guys thank you so much @ vinay mishra and Kaustubh.. The thing what I'm feeling is.. for a engineering student if he wants to clear gate.. then he must start as early as possible.. 

I never planned to prepare for exam.. I didn't crack jee so then I decided to take admission in state private college as my cousins helped me with branch.. I had interest in CS long back as I was a cs student in school.. but with my father suggested me to take electrical and even cousins.. 

I really didn't had any idea about this branch.. infact being interest in cs I took up electrical coz people said it's a core branch you can switch to IT later.. now I really dont feel to get into IT coz I wanted to learn cs engineering in my engineering coz in 4years we learn alot of things.. even 

I couldn't have learnt programming and could be working in IT now.. now I really dont have interest in it to join.. since i started my gate preparation.. as after engineering I got 62% in engineering.. I couldn't get through placements.. I didn't had any aim or goal.. didn't wanted to do job oriented courses.. so sat at home for 6 months thinking what should I do.. 

I was offered job in small companies with 22k salary as supervisor and all but I felt I'll get stuck in that job.. wanted to build my career so I thought alot.. even this time my dad said take gate coaching and let's see where you land.. I begin my coaching since March 2018.. passed out in 2017 as you know.. while preparing I saw students of 2nd year 3rd year coming to coaching.. 

I lost my confidence as I couldn't manage to be in the pace at which subjects were going on.. after 6 months I was shattered coz my technical basics weren't clear.. i know my reply is getting too long.. sorry for that.. gave gate 2019 and didn't clear.. now what I feel is.. almost 2 years gone.. 

if I sit and study for gate it might take 1 year to clear my basics and to command on 10 subjects and crack gate might take another 2,3 years.. my sis suggest forget gate for now.. aim for banking.. take up non technical job.. sit and study until you crack banking and then work for 2,3 years if you feel it's not working then resign.. 

if you feel bank is good for you then be in it and do mba if you wish later.. so I'm in between whether to leave technical or should take banking.. any suggestions please.. thank you for replying to my question.. it means alot. I'm greatful to you all 

Vinay Mishra
Vinay Mishra • Apr 1, 2019

@shantesh kattimani Dude, I know and also can understand your situation very well. I think you have to put the burden down and lift yourself up. Don't get afraid of anything, and don't think much about future. Just do whatever the situation demands.

I think that was a wrong decision to not going for the job of supervisor. Because I think some job is better than no job. If you have gone for that job you will get some confidence which you are needing so much. But It's alright.. what's gone is gone now. 

Now I advice you to go for banking job and as your sister said that if you feel that job is  better for you ... than move forward in it.

If you don't feel better than come back to technical field and start gaining skills which really matters.

Hope it helps!

Yes Vinay.. even I'm thinking to prepare for other govt exams like Ibps sbi and lic.. etc maybe now is not the right time for me to prepare for me.. what I'm feeling is 50% technical and 50%going for other options.. what my sister suggested was.. to prepare for gate it's a national exam requires in depth knowledge as my basics only not clear then it might take years.. so she suggested dont keep on wasting years and get into any other field if not permanent but atleast for few years.. get a job in banking.. Po is not that bad.. so she said the day you feel you dont belong to this field resign it.. and prepare for technical.. if not then see where life takes you.. you might go high in bank via promotions or take up civil services preparation or mba...

Right now even I feel I'm not good at technical so better to take this path.. let's see where it goes..  thank you for your valuable advice.. and suggestions.. means alot 

Vinay Mishra
Vinay Mishra • Apr 1, 2019

@shantesh kattimani Always here for your help! Wish you a great future ahead.? 

Thank you so much vinay for your help.. you too take care.. best wishes

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 2, 2019

From what you've mentioned, it looks like you were given under-informed advises by your mentors. First, it's apparent that your interest was in computer sciences but you took up electrical engineering and now, do not want to go into IT. Just to inform you that - what you study in CS / IT these days have very little significance in the IT industry. You need to be good at programming and demonstrate expertise in a stack. If you can do that - you can make a good career in IT. 

My recommendation would be to explore possibility of preparing for CDAC. It'd be easier to crack CDAC (over GATE, IMHO) and if you can manage a good rank - you can get placed in an IT company.

However, if you've made up your mind to not make a career in IT; you will have to explore which job areas are in-line with your likings and interest. It'll be a hard exercise; but it will be super-worth it! 

No field is bad - but you need to make a cautious decision before choosing one. Don't be afraid of making a right or wrong decision. While you've access to the Internet and you can talk to several people online (and offline) - you can definitely get a good advise on which domain offers what opportunities. Make sure that you and only you take the decision.

I think GATE isn't going to work for you and you should take a step back and find out what career is doable - and more importantly enjoyable. That'd be the first step for you. All the best! 

Thank you kaustubh..Means alot.. I'm thinking for the best.. 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 3, 2019

@shantesh kattimani - please continue to add your questions in existing discussions instead of creating a new discussion. In general, similar questions need to be confined to the same discussion. 

DM update
DM update • Apr 3, 2019

I have also done engineering from CGC Landran but fortunately i was placed at campus placement. In you case i am agree with Kaustubh   that you should think of doing MBA to add non technical skills into your resume and by this you will have many job options to choose. 

Good Luck :)

vallapureddy ramchandra reddy
vallapureddy ramchandra reddy • Apr 3, 2019

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Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Apr 4, 2019

@shantesh kattimani

A couple of things I want to add here.  

It's fine to get confused these days where to head start your career.

At point of completing a degree in hand and done with a job, you might have idea what you really want to the job or let say another word, you don't mind working in certain field for money. 

I don't know why exactly you left the job but I personally know freshers who easily get bored from job as they don't find interesting enough. An ISRO guy have to manage excel sheet and keep watch the machine take reading for whole day for initial initial years. Think about an engineering degree holder from elite college and work like this for 2 years. But these experiences do matter. 

Don't let others to decide what will be your career path. Choose your own path what to do. This is engineering circle you will get the suggesting around this only. You will go somewhere, you will find other things. Once you decide what you want to do, then you will get real guidance. 

As above suggested, No field is bad. Whatever, you will learn and get experience, that will never going to waste. 

I can only suggest that, if can't decide now. Better for higher studies.

I got no plans regarding higher studies coz now I'm not sure whether I wanna go for higher studies or not.. since 2017 I'm unemployed.. technically I'm not that strong and even if I want to crack national level exams its gonna take long time.. and IT seriously don't have any idea how to start where to start.. where will I land.. so not interested now..  so now I have decided to prepare for govt exams be it.. banking,lic,insurance exams like that..  all these jobs mainly have three papers quants,reasoning and English.. so i wanna improve in all these areas and try hard to get a job in any of the field above.. coz for me the important thing is to get a  job and work for like 2,3 years.. maybe I'll get experience.. and might get clarity what I wanna do ahead or where I wanna settle.. I'm 23 now.. it might take time to get job in these govt sector..  so hoping for the best and I'll give my best.. it's nice that you people come and give some help and support to students.. it's a great platform.. thank you all

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 7, 2019

@shantesh kattimani - Avoid creating new discussions on the same topic. If there are questions that have not been answered; you may ask them below. 

Aryaman Gupta
Aryaman Gupta • Apr 7, 2019

You should think about the things in which you are very good and then make a decision to go ahead with that. If you really want to become a successful person then you will have to identify your skills and interests. 

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