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@madhulika19 • 23 Dec, 2013 • 1 like
there are 60 seats in c-dac(pune+noida) for pgd-gi course.. and my rank in section A is 64 what are my chances?
which c-dac institute is best for pgd-gi(geoinformatics) course, pune or noida.. and what are the future aspects for placement in geoinformatics area.
@madhulika19 • 24 Dec, 2013 above my rank 48 students have applied for pg dgi so what are my chances of getting cdac pune for it???
@blume • 24 Dec, 2013 even I want to know .. have 51 students above me..!! but main thing I want to know is how is the placements and also about faculties...!!
@nitish khandelwal • 24 Jan, 2016 i had selected for pg-dgi course at cdac noida . and i am confuse to see placement records for dgi course.please suggest me what is placement chances at noida for pg-dgi course.

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