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@aparnakansal • 12 Jan, 2010
hi everyone,
please tell me what are the advantages of using mosfet amplifier as compared to a linear amplifier in a practical electronics circuit.

@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 12 Jan, 2010 Mosfet amplifier has high communication speed and low losses its better than other devices such as IGBT , Thyristor etc.

But mosfet designs are costlier than normal designs.
@silverscorpion • 12 Jan, 2010 Depends on your parameters. MOSFET amplifiers are fast, occupies less area and consumes less power compared to BJT's. But the gain of a mosfet is very small. The intrinsic gain of a single mos transistor is very small compared to that of a bjt. Also, while scaling down, you'll need to work with lower and lower supply voltages. In that case, MOS performs better than bjt as the supply voltage is decreased.

So, if you want speed, less area and power saving, then mos is better. If there's no such constraint, then there's no reason for you to leave traditional bjt.

Hope I answered your question!!!
@aparnakansal • 12 Jan, 2010 thanks english-scared and silverscorpion for answering me.


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