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hemantbothra • Jun 12, 2016

What are different ways router can learn route in routing table?

Route is the path the packet takes to reach the destination network.

Routing is a process to sending the packet towards the destination network.

Router stores the route information in the routing table.

What are the different ways router can learn the route in routing table ?

durga ch
durga ch • Jun 12, 2016
Please search web for questions which have almost static/predefined answers.
In this case:
static routes
default routes
and routes learnt via routing protocols
hemantbothra • Jun 13, 2016
which route will be preferred by router, if he have same route learnt static, dynamically using routing protocol as well as we have defined default route and why?
fimajol wika
fimajol wika • Sep 10, 2018

I don't know about WiFi netgear router support routers for your situation but the Vanquish line doesn't have WiFi built in. It you go with a WiFi router for the house you will need to install a WiFi card in your PC or use a USB WiFi adaptor. each and every query will be solve here

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