09 Jun 2006

Welcome to the CE Debate Center

Welcome to the CE Quarrel Zone a.k.a the Debate Center! 😀

With Debate Center of CE Lounge, we provide a common place to CEans for Debate. Feel free to start a debate on any topic of your choice!

Special thanks to our fellow CEan - 'Swati' for suggesting this section! 😁

Happee Quarreling ... err...Debating! 😲

-The Big K-
13 years ago
As Swati...suggested the one .....this thread,....i am throwing a topic a light one....to start with if any one can enlighten his/her view the debate will start
so start with the favourate one liner of swati....

If "Love" is "Blind" how can you say "Marriage" as a "Eye opener ".
should get atleast a reply from the expected person...

13 years ago
New Topic => New Thread


Start a new thread for each debate topic that we take here. All posts related to the topic will be in that thread and that will also make searching/browsing easier 😀

So - New Topic => New Thread 😁

HaPppe Debating !

-The Big K-


Branch Unspecified
12 years ago
so what we do?? continue the crazy boy debate here or in the thread with the topic started by him?😒

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