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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 24, 2007

Welcome 'Solutionz'


It's a pleasure to announce a new service by our own CEan - Ankit Virmani.
Ankit tells you more about 'Solutionz' -

We might be engineers, we might be doctors or we might be sportspersons. But one thing we never forget to say is "Proud to be an Indian". Very true-our country is indeed a beautiful place to live in. Optimism about the country's wonderful economic growth is in the air since our Business Maharajas have declared a war against the companies of the so called developed countries. We make them our ideals and dream to follow their path, but isn't our world too small to live these big dreams. Aren't engineers today only engineers and nothing else, same with the doctors, sportspersons and other proud Indians. So why not learn something beyond what is expected of us? Here at Solutionz we explore a similar opportunity. For those who never get tired of asking "Why?"-we present a wonderful collection of articles on all topics under the sun. Calling all those information hungry to learn and contribute...let us make our nation proud of ourselves.

Click on the logo below to visit Solutionz for articles and downloads.

-Ankit Virmani


crook • Jun 24, 2007
Hey, nice job there Ankit. Rocks! I liked the article "Evolution of the Gaming World". [​IMG]

Great going!
ankitvirmani • Jun 24, 2007
First article uploaded:"News you can use"-Where is it leading us?
Read the complete article in the IDEAS | Knowledge Sharing | Articles section. Or visit our site to read the complete article. Get it here.

suyash • Jun 26, 2007
Hey, nice job there Ankit. Rocks! I liked the article "Evolution of the Gaming World". [​IMG]

Great going!
Thanks !!
Btw can you please tell me if there are some serious gamers over there on this forum? 😎

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