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@Manashree Thokal • 24 Jun, 2012 • 1 like
It is a web analytics tool that helps track a website traffic.


It can be used to monitor website traffic. Used to find out how many people are visiting a website. It also can help the time, type of visitors- new or return.

A web traffic analyzer is a necessity as company websites are gaining popularity. It also optimizes web pages. It is used to find out the kind of advertisements that are converting and those that are not. It can help one budget, invest on advertisements that are converting.

  • PHP
  • Apache HTTP Server 2.2
@BHARATH.K • 03 Oct, 2015 Sir can I have brief description about this
@Ankita Katdare • 05 Oct, 2015 @BHARATH.K Some examples of web traffic analyzers are: Alexa, OneStat, Web-stat and of course, Google Analytics. You should make an account one of these sites and study their functioning. What kind of brief description do you need?
@Amrutha Valluri • 09 Dec, 2015 Actually I didnt get how the web traffic is analysed ..can you help me with this

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