web browser

hey guys. Which is the best web browser for browsing?


  • Pensu
    If you want speed, i would suggest you Chrome. But it does have some drawbacks, like it crashes a lot sometimes. You can also try mozilla, its better and more secure.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I have been using chrome, firefox, ie 9 and so on. My vote goes to Mozilla and chrome. Both are equally good.
  • Shobhan Mankad
    Shobhan Mankad
    have been using chrome and firefox equally. i personally feel both are equally good. near about the same loading speed. i use alternately both the browsers.
  • ShrinkDWorld
    I like Opera for downloading & secure connections. & Firefox for surfing.
  • Kalyani B
    Kalyani B
    i'm using firefox and safari.
    according to me , safari is best for map
  • SheldonCooper
    If you have slow internet connection (dial-up or connection through mobile phone)then checkout Turbo feature of Opera.If internet connection is pretty decent then its surely 'Mozilla Firefox'.
  • Chaitali Sumita
    Chaitali Sumita
    my vote goes to " Mozilla Firefox"

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