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AviatorAUTOBOT • Jan 19, 2012

WEAPONS just got a BOON!

In any warfare, "taking cover" behind a strong support has been one of the most widely accepted defensive move. By taking cover, the enemy can't get you easily until you move away from cover. It may set you on a back-foot, but it surely is a life-saver.About all terrorist-group have this peculiar move. Making a weapon that could break this move was a great challenge (till now). Now, ATK, an american firm, along with renowned firm Heckler and Koch, are working on a gun called XM25. It showers a 25mm bullet, that has its very own little brain! Every bullet has a microchip fitted inside. When the gunner wants to fire, it does not aim directly at the target, but some-where near it. The distance is measured, and when the bullet is fired, the computer in the rifle sends a signal to the microchip in the bullet. This "brain of bullet" then makes the explosion, spreading sharp- sharpnels over an area, which has been kept classified. The rifle has a range of 5oom. It is being tested in Afghanistan, in real warfields. Now, taking cover won't be a smart move to make, would it?
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CE Designer
CE Designer • Jan 23, 2012
Its like using an aimbot on a FPS game 😎
well almost

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