• Whats the need ?
    Can't we have management professionals and Engineers governing the country in the right and idealistic manner. There are various politicians who are not even "5th pass" but act as chairman of Technical Institutions. They see every institution as the source of corruption.
    Here is the list of the corruption scandals
    And the union budget for the National Elections is Rs.1500 Crore(approx) + the budget for the state elections.
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorDec 6, 2013

    Frankly speaking, leadership is totally different from education in management or technology & science. If management professionals and engineers were the best ones to take up the role of leadership - we'd never have seen Lehman Brothers and Enrons. Management professionals and engineers are 'designed' to do specific tasks -which is the biggest drawback of the education system.

    Leadership is a totally different game I believe. A leader needs ability to make people believe in his/her own cause so that they volunteer to become followers. World's greatest leaders were not necessarily highly educated. But they were essentially the people who could install faith in large masses of people.

    India's story has been a sad tale so far. We never achieved true freedom; because the British only transferred the power to Indians who had British soul and continued to rule. We were fooled because we didn't have to report to foreigner bosses and had 'Indians' taking up the top positions. Unfortunately, the key leaders had absolutely no vision for independent India. That's why we continue to use the laws, systems and education that the British had set.

    Politics became a business under the veil of social service and that lead the elected 'leaders' considering themselves as the 'rulers'. That's why you see politicians enjoying the status no lesser than that of a celebrity. In fact, the politicians should be the most self-less people who entered politics to serve people, not 'rule' them.

    Education has always been one of the most lucrative businesses. All you need is one time infrastructure and a system of teachers and staff - and then you can keep mining money for generations to come. This system further destroyed Indians and we now have a generation that takes zero pride in all things Indian. By now, India should have been the world leader in technology, science, spirituality and business - and here we are going down the drain every single day.

    But there's a ray of hope. I firmly believe the system will correct itself. Democracy is a farce and it never works. We'll slowly move towards being under the rule of a benevolent dictator who'll tweak the democracy in favor of people. I hope 2014 should be the start of it. I may be wrong; but there's no other option at this time.
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  • Saandeep Sreerambatla

    MemberDec 10, 2013

    Everything has a definite end, what ever it may be. The statement might sound spiritual but thats true. Whatever the suffering we undergo or happiness we undergo has a definite end. So everything will end but it takes it own time and our efforts.

    For the change in the individual life, it depends on his actions so it will be faster, but to change a nation the change should come from all the people of that nation so that takes time a lot of time.

    And I see the change happening slowly, AAM party in Delhi has won good number of seats, I am not saying it only because of the AAM but its mostly people hated Congress and its rulers. Change will come 😀
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