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Waze Upgraded Satellite Navigation App To Help You Through Traffic In UK

Question asked by kunal in #Coffee Room on Jun 7, 2011
kunal · Jun 7, 2011
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The social traffic monitoring and navigation app Waze entered the Apple’s App Store and the Android Market last December and instantly caught the eye of many smartphone users worldwide. The app went on to become a huge success and accumulated around $ 25 million in the series B round of funding. The novel idea and the wonderful marketing strategy adopted by the helped it attract a lot of wealthy investors who decided to put their money in this startup. Its fan base has grown from a mere 2 million worldwide to 4 million users in 45 countries. The developers at Waze have now updated and launched an enhanced version of this app officially in the United Kingdom.

[​IMG]Waze’s Vice President Di-Ann Eisnor was present on the occasion in London. In order to launch this app on time in England, Waze CEO signed an important deal with Intermap, a Denver based firm. The landmark agreement was made in February and it facilitated the Waze users to access the base road grid network which they can use with the help of this app. Intermap is a well known company that has done re-mapping for many European nations. The firm has provided standard national databases to different European states. So you can expect a Waze app for the other countries in the continent with the plans for France and Italy almost completed.

Waze is a simple user friendly app that is compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Nokia and RIM. First we must see how this software functions. After you download and install the Waze on your mobile phone or tablet, you can actually generate and monitor the map of traffic that lies ahead of you in real time. Moreover, you can share real time accident reports, traffic updates, speed cameras, signals, roadworks, etc. However, the typing function is disabled automatically while you are driving. A new cool feature that got added to the new version is that a driver can create a small audio alert when he/she witnesses any accident. This recorded voice message can be shared with other drivers to let them know about the incident so that they are careful and vigilant.

This new app is available free of cost. It serves as a means for providing accurate real time information regarding any mishaps or traffic jams. It’s definitely a better option compared to authorities like the AA that use orthodox methods like road cameras. In the US, some local TV stations broadcast the real time traffic reports from drivers using this app. The utility software also allows fellow drivers and friends driving towards the same destination to be in touch. It can be used by courier companies and other such delivery services to keep a track of its trucks and carriers. The app can connect you to Twitter account or Facebook pages. This makes Waze a roaring success in countries where there are few official maps and people have to depend on locals for knowing their destination.

The app also has a new “geo gaming” feature. You can score some points by reporting traffic incidents or by validating certain routes. If you are successful in driving over the cupcake icons and other virtual goods, you earn points. These points may win you certain goodies and prizes. See the video to understand this app better:

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