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    As we say, we got to turn the right screws to make the world a better place to live. Imagination combined with technical knowledge can do wonders. We are proud to have Mr. Ajay Vishwakarma, a CEan, who did not like mobile phones going useless because of moisture/water. He went on to create a solution that will make your mobile phones water resistant. Mr. Ajay comes from a small town in Maharashtra (India) & his solution is attracting lot of attention from the media.

    Check out our small talk with Ajay -

    CE: Hello Mr. Ajay, please tell us about yourself and your current job.
    Ajay: I am a diploma holder (Radio Engineering, Computer Hardware Engineering & Mobile Engineering). I own a mobile repairing shop.

    CE: How did you get the idea of making waterproof cellular phone?
    Ajay: Each month, all leading cell phone companies release new models with funky features. Even the expensive cell phones are rendered useless when they come in contact with moisture/water. I did not like that & I started my own research on the issue.

    CE: Please explain your method of making waterproof cell phones.
    Ajay: I have created a special solution which needs to be applied to the motherboard at a very low temperature using hot airgun.

    CE: Have you done any tests so far to ensure that your solution works?
    Ajay: Yes, indeed. I've done several tests. These tests were done to ensure that-
    • The solution is transparent so that all circuit components can be identified
    • The solution does not affect the software (Mobile OS)
    • The call quality is not affected
    • During hardware troubleshooting, any component can be easily replaced.
    • There are no network variations
    • The solution can be easily removed using C.T.C (Carbon Tetra Chloride) or using hot airgun at a very low temperature for tracing or fault finding.
    • No effect on the life of battery. The battery (Power Supply, IC, CPU, BGA) do not warm up.
    CE: That's great! Are all parts (screen, camera, keypad) of the cell phone protected by this method?
    Ajay: Yes, the solutions protects the motherboard, CPU, LCD etc.

    CE: How is the response so far?
    : My work has been appreciated by all. Don't forget to watch me on IBN7 (show time yet to be decided).

    CE: What are your plans for the future?
    I'm going to patent my solution. If any mobile manufacturing company is interested, I'm ready to hand over my invention. I am also planning to develop my own network regarding water resistent solution.

    CE:Thanks for being a part of Crazy Engineers team. What would be your advice to engineering students & and innovators?
    Just one message - "If you have faith, you can do anything"!

    We are thankful to Mr. Ajay Vishwakarma for sparing time to talk to us. The thread is open for discussions.
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  • DEP

    MemberAug 18, 2007

    thankyou biggie for the updates.
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  • Ashraf HZ

    MemberAug 20, 2007

    This solution still allows the components to dissipate heat? Nice! Hmm.. Nemos47 would certainly be interested in this thread 😉
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  • Elisa

    MemberAug 26, 2007

    I liked the interview. Can Mr. Ajay Vishwakarma post pictures? I would like to see how the motherboard looks when coated with the solution.
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