Want to come back in Software field

hi frnds,
i need your help regarding my career, i have done BE(IT) in 2005 & MBA(Marketing & Systems) in 2009, i have 2 years work exp.,but now i want to come back in software field, can i get job after this long 6 years gap. pls rply me, i need your help.

vinod mishra


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Dear Vinod, Good to have you on CrazyEngineers. It's not clear whether you've experience in the IT domain or in Marketing/Systems domain. What's your current job profile?

    In case you're working in IT company already (in Marketing/Systems department), it would be easier to make a switch. However, if you're working in a pure non-IT domain you will have to prepare step by step.

    1. First identify the domain in the software field that you wish to work in.
    2. Start honing your skills and acquire new skills required. Go for certifications, if any.
    3. Update your resume and submit it to all leading job portals.
    4. I'd personally recommend applying to IT startups that work in the field of your interest. They may not give lot of importance to your past - but judge you on the basis of your technical skills. It's also easier to go through the levels of management and put your case forward.

    Once you've some experience, you can always switch to the company of your choice.

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