@Vasu M • 18 Aug, 2015
Hai friends, I am new to this page, I have completed my Engineering in Electronics and Communication, I want to start a company related to my field in small scale, I need suggestions regarding this, will you help me friends?
money background is no problem, but I need right path, I'm very much confused.
@Ashraf HZ • 18 Aug, 2015 • 1 like Hi Vasu. Welcome to CE. It's great to see your entreprenaur spirit!

What are your skills and interests? Do you like programming? Do you like to use tools like PCB CAD and simulators?

Have you played around with Arduinos or Raspi before? Instead of designing solutions from scratch, you can also design them around these systems and sell them as a whole. That way you have quick productization of your ideas.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 18 Aug, 2015 There are two broad paths you will have choose from: Either do something that market needs or develop something that markets will want.
@Vasu M • 19 Aug, 2015 Hai ash, first thanks a lot for your reply.
and ya! I'm very much interested in programming and can those tools as little bit and so very vast and in depth, but I have not done any arduinos and raspberry pi projects, because I am fresher.
I will take all your things and I will try develop my skills first
thank you sir
@Vasu M • 19 Aug, 2015 kaustubh sir, thanks a lot for reply.
I am not so confident in what market needs or market wants, that why I'm asking experts like you sir. I m totally lagging
@Kaustubh Katdare • 19 Aug, 2015 Frankly speaking, identifying the gap you can fulfil with your services will have to be done by you. Do you want to get into manufacturing or retail? What kind of business looks interesting to you? You should try talking to people who are already working in the domain that you are in - preferably in your own location. They will give you a clear idea of the problems they are facing and what kind of solutions you can provide to them. That should be a good start.

Vasu M
I am not so confident in what market needs or market wants, that why I'm asking experts like you sir. I m totally lagging
As I said, for being into business, you will have to find out something you can sell. That knowledge can come only from talking to people who are actually working in the industry / domain you wish to venture into.

If not, try building up a product or service and see if you can find customers. Have you met any real business people working in your city/town? The question you have asked is very broad to give you any specific direction.
@Vasu M • 19 Aug, 2015 yes sir, I able to get your points, I m interested in manufacturing only not in marketing anymore.
as you said consult the people who is already in this field, but I'm south india that too from tamil nadu, so its very difficult to find those kind of people here, that why I joined crasy engineers. The only stuff person in my locality is my hod alone, so can I ask him sir?
@Shubham1008 • 20 Aug, 2015 hi...i think you should manufacture such thing which are not available in india easily....

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