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@avinashse • 08 Jul, 2011
i m B.Tech final Year student from CSE Branch. i want some new ideas for my major project and i want to make the project using servlets or JSP so please suggest some new ideas.
thanking you
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 13 Jul, 2011 Do you have any idea about which domain you wanna take up your project on? Like is it related to Database projects (optimization, better data handling, etc.) or Networks (security, remote stuff, etc.) or you are just blank to accept anything? 😐
@MujtabaHussain • 16 Jul, 2011 @praveenscience : hey. i too wanna do a major project involving jsp and servlets stuff. i am interested in doing my project with relation to networks..something like networks security. kindly suggest me some topics. thank you.
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 16 Jul, 2011 Do you have any idea about Preventing DoS Attacks?
@MujtabaHussain • 16 Jul, 2011 not really sir. can you please elaborate?
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 16 Jul, 2011 It is called Denial of Service Attack... You know about servers right? They are also normal systems with some good amount of memory. What if the whole memory is used for getting unnecessary pings? 😲 All the bandwidth will be used by the spam ping and the legitimate request never goes to the server! 😔 This is Denial of Service. 😐 This can be prevented by checking the pattern of requests and blocking the IP from which the spam ping is coming... 😀
@MujtabaHussain • 16 Jul, 2011 oh! so you mean i can work upon type and content of incoming requests and block them? nice. i understood the concept. thank you sir. there is one more thing i would like to ask. Can this culminate into a major project? i am a little apprehensive because its going to be my major project. so, will this be a major project?
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 16 Jul, 2011 There's no content here... Depending on the pattern you block the request... 😁
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 16 Jul, 2011 Yeah, DoS and DDoS attack is a major problem faced by the Server Admins... So, I guess this would surely be a big project and you can take it as your major project... 😀

PS: No Sirs... 😁
@MujtabaHussain • 16 Jul, 2011 oh yes. i get it now. will study about it further. please answer my follow up question. thank you for the guidance. 😀
@MujtabaHussain • 16 Jul, 2011 i shall start my study about this topic. thank you so much for the guidance again. will keep connected to the forum. Engineers have a wonderful community here. 😀
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 16 Jul, 2011 Sure... 😀 All the best... Anytime... You are welcome... 😁
@MujtabaHussain • 18 Jul, 2011 Hey. I submitted my abstract to do my project on 'Denial of Service', but I was late and somebody else already took it. 😔 can you please please suggest me something more? I have a good command in java, jsp, servlets. I wanted to do some project related to networks. But since that domain has been filled up by lot of people, I want to look out of that. I find Artificial Intelligence very fascinating. If something feasible at my level is possible, please suggest. Other than this domain also, suggestions are welcome. Its just that I am ready to work hard even if the topic is tough. But it should be feasible at my education level.please help. Thank you.
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 18 Jul, 2011 Aha... Gimme some time, I will try to get some good idea for you...
@MujtabaHussain • 19 Jul, 2011 hey. i got time till thursday night. friday morning i have to confirm my project. please please tell me before that. anything related to Artificial intelligence and networking is great. please do me this favor. Thank you. 😀
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 19 Jul, 2011 Yeah man. Will try... 😀
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 22 Jul, 2011 Kindly refer to

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