VTT InTouch Interface Lets You Move Images Or Video From One Gadget To Another Just By Touch

Scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have come up with an innovative solution to make transferring files between various gadgets easier. Making use of a ring, nail or wristband - which acts as a user interface, this technology allows sharing of files directly from one screen to another simply by touch. Using the InTouch interface, you can touch a file on one screen, for example, with a structure nail and transfer it through the nail to your friend's smartphone or even to your car. Designed in a way that is easy to use and interoperable in the world of digital devices and objects, VTT developed InTouch is one step ahead in the arena of interactive devices and the concept will trigger new advancements in the field.

The existing data transfer technologies like Infrared, Bluetooth, Memory Sticks (Pen Drives) and more latest ones like Cloud sharing - all these methods are basically tied to traditional devices and standardised usage methods. But The InTouch user interface operates with touch screens and conforms to the NFC standard. InTouch allows file transfer either directly or via a cloud service. VTT has also mentioned that security and privacy are retained through the integrated security functionality.


Unfortunately, not many technical details are available at the moment on how the technology works. But, we do have a video that demonstrates the working of this technology using nail and wristband. Check it out below -

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  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Does anybody here remember the scene from Avengers where Iron Man moves files from one computer screen to another with just a swipe of fingers over the screen in the direction of another screen?
    Who wouldn't want that to happen in real life? 😍

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