Voxan Wattman Is The Most Powerful Electric Motorcycle Ever - Green Adrenaline Rush Here

All those of you who complain about electric motorcycles not having the power that bikes are supposed to have, leave your comments aside. Because here we have the world's most powerful electric motorcycle called - Voxan Wattman that can bring you the much sought adrenaline rush the green way! Yep, Voxan Wattman is a concept bike engineered in Monaco and built in France that can reach 60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds and is capable of getting charged in not more than 30 minutes. The motorcycle will soon make its way to the Paris Motorcycle Show. Join me on the ride, as we take a look at Voxan Wattman's design and technology details with specifications.

The Voxan Wattman bike features belt-drive liquid cooled electric motor that incorporates permanent magnets. It delivers a phenomenal power of 200 HP with 200 Nm instant torque up to 10,500 rpm. The bikes weighs 350 kg and its power is transmitted to earth by a 240 mm wide tyre, reaching 0-100 kph in 3.4 seconds and 0-160 kph in 5.9 seconds. The new VOXAN features an exceptional charging time of 80% in less than 30 minutes thanks to a “COMBO II” socket, the European quick charge standard. Yep, you are right. This is less time than it takes to recharge a mobile phone. It can also be plugged to a standard household socket, anywhere thanks to its integrated charger. Its ultra-compact 12.8kWh Lithium Ion battery ensures 180 km of range.


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As far as the design is concerned the Voxan Wattman inaugurates a new motorcycle architecture radically looking to the future with an aluminium “exoskeleton” chassis housing integrating all the components of the powertrain. It is accompanied to the rear by a new type of parallelogram-shaped four-link suspension (two dual oscillating arms) that creates an extension of the battery pack towards the rear axle.

We love the uniqueness and the nonconformity to the usual kind of design that the bike features and we also feel that it might appeal to the bike lovers as well as green enthusiasts as they get the unique pleasure of the fusion between man and machine and a pleasure that only a motorcycle with a strong personality can provide. So, share your thoughts with us in comments - How do you like the Voxan Wattman features?


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    It's good to see that a green monster is in road to roar like lion but what concerns me is that a 350kg weight looks too much for a motorcycle. I understand that this is due to battery but it's bot good for a bike.
    Thumbs up for the article.
  • vicky martin
    vicky martin
    its nice to see an electric motorcycle with such advancement , 350 is quite large for a bike .but here center of gravity will matter for the ease of real bikers. my group is still working on a electric bike and hope to launch it till december 2014.
  • lal
    @ sarathkumar It would roar, but silently I guess 😁

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