Volvo Roam Delivery: Delivering Goods To Your Car’s Boot Instead Of Leaving It At Your Doorstep

Cars on the road will soon be getting smart enough to cruise around city streets without Nissan's Self Driving Cars To Be Ready By 2020 - Autonomous Would Be The Rulers but for now Volvo is planning to use concept of internet connected cars to make deliveries to a person’s car instead of leaving it at your doorstep. Volvo states that in the year 2013 around 60% percent of people who purchase products from online retailers have experienced problems regarding delivery. The car maker has also estimated that failed first-time deliveries have cost the e-commerce industry an estimated one billion Euros. There are two reasons for failed first-time deliveries, either the courier company is unable to find the consignee’s address or when they find the house there is no one to receive the package.


Volvo in association with Ericsson has tried to solve the aforementioned problems by designing a system where goods are delivered to your car. The way it works is very simple. First when a user purchases a product online they have the choice to deliver the product to their cars. Once the delivery company is ready to deliver the product they shall inform the customer with an alert on the companion smartphone or tablet app. The user will then issue a one-time digital key that can be used by the delivery guy to open the boot of the car by a smartphone and make the delivery. Once the procedure is complete the app will alert the consignee regarding the successful delivery.

Volvo 1

Volvo has already tested this concept with a pilot programme that involved a hundred individuals. 92 out of the 100 participants found this delivery method more convenient than door-step delivery. The Volvo Roam Delivery concept will be demoed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Volvo has not stated any plans of a public roll-out but if does decide to do a full scale implementation of this service will it actually be more effective than conventional door-step delivery? We would love to know your views. Head over to the comment section and start discussing.

Source: Volvo Cars demonstrates the potential of connected cars with deliveries direct to people’s cars - Volvo Cars Global Media Newsroom


  • Yogesh Borkar
    Yogesh Borkar
    Amazing concept by Volvo & Ericsson, Will definitely help in saving the cost incurred on fuel & resources and will result in speed deliveries of goods.
    After so many scheduled launches at MWC, Barcelona I'm eagerly waiting for it...
  • Madhava Verma Dantuluri
    Madhava Verma Dantuluri
    Very innovative thought and much useful to the people either.

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