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@Akshay Nagpal • 20 Jan, 2016 • 9 likes
Project Abstract / Summary : The project involves the design and application of speech-to-text conversion and face recognition methods using Raspberry Pi (credit card sized single board computer) as the hardware.

The activity diagram can be seen below for further understanding.
Features of the Voice Controlled Personal Assistant:
  • Capturing photos and recognizing faces in the captured photo
  • Checking similarity between two faces
  • Performing Arithmetic calculations based on voice commands and giving back the computed solution through a robotic voice.
  • Searching Wikipedia based on user's voice input and giving back the reply through a robotic voice with further interactive questions by the machine.
  • Checking email for unread messages
  • Checking the weather conditions of the user’s location
  • Playing music as per voice command of the user
Relevance of the project can be in the following fields:
• Source of entertainment and information for blind/visually impaired.
• Voice based calculator can be used to teach visually impaired students or it can be a game for visually sound students.
• Security systems can use the face recognition and similarity checking.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : I chose to work on this project as I wanted to make a system to support human productivity and provide infotainment as well. Being very honest, the voice controlled super computer Jarvis, from the science-fiction movie "Iron Man" was the primary reason I chose this project. When I began working on it, it stroked me that this can be a great tool for the visually impaired to connect normally with the world. Hence, the interest increased as the work progressed further.

Project Highlights : I think this project can act as a prototype for many advanced applications. Usually projects belong to a single industry in terms of application, but my project has various aspects like entertainment, computation, face recognition and security. It can help the visually impaired to connect with the world by giving them access to Wikipedia, Calculator, Email and Music all through their voice. The project can also keep people secure as it can be used as a surveillance system which captures the face of the person standing at the door.

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY (formerly ITM University, Gurgaon)
City: Gurgaon
State: Haryana
Participating Team From: Final Year
@Ankita Katdare • 30 May, 2016 • 3 likes Video Entry:

@Irfan Amin • 13 Jun, 2016 • 1 like Can you help me in this project if I want to continue this project
@Karthic CM • 16 Jul, 2016

Please contact me....its urgent.. use my fb ID Karthic CM...or on wats app 

@surya@143 • 27 Dec, 2016
haiii sir hello i am intrested in that project can u plzzz expalin in detail how to do that project i am intrested
@Karthic CM • 19 Jan, 2017 Why dont u help is do this work. You may provide the source code. Knowledge is meant to be shared.
@lal • 26 Jan, 2017
Karthic CM
Knowledge is meant to be shared.
Knowledge is, but not the source code 😁 unless the person who did all the hard work is very generous!
@abrar raza • 08 Aug, 2018

How can i get this project... kindly reply me

@Tial Tling • 05 Oct, 2018

Hi, sir  My name is Tial Tling  i am intrested in that project can you please explan in detail how to do that project i am intrested 

Thank you

@Tial Tling • 05 Oct, 2018

Hi, sir Can you send me the link and another video for the detially for me on my email


@Raj Kumar • 09 Oct, 2018

Currently I'm in third year from ECE department........ I'm carrying this project as my mini project. Just guide me,  I'm not asking for any code and all. Please help me out sir...... Please

@Om Singh • 26 Oct, 2018


@Om Singh • 26 Oct, 2018


@Chandana Surya • 07 Nov, 2018

hi bro can i know more

@Huỳnh Phước Lê • 10 Dec, 2018 • 2 likes

Hi sir! I really love this project, and it is my dream. May you help me to do this? (I dont want you show me the source code, I just want you show me the roadmap to learn to do this project plzzz)

Thanks for reading sir

I am Yuri, I am from VietNam, please help me 

@Kaustubh Katdare • 10 Dec, 2018

Not sure if @Akshay Nagpal  is still around. Would love to hear from him if he can help. Giving a shout out to @Harshad Italiya . 

@Harshad Italiya • 16 Dec, 2018 • 4 likes

That is basically Google Assistant installed on Raspberry Pi. What you can do is you can connect Microphone and Speaker on Raspberry Pi and there are some Raspbian OS is available with Google Assistant installed on that. That will make your stuff easy then you can modify the keywords and etc by yourself as well.

Have a look at this tutorial:-

@payal nagda • 01 Jan, 2019

Hello sir 

Can you give me the all details about this project.

Please mail me

@AJAY kumar • 05 Feb, 2019

I want to built humanoid robot like Sophia .. please help me with these basics

@Hemanth Menda • 25 May, 2019 • 1 like

hey #ajay look like you wanna make a humanoid.....if so you will not just need  the map to do that but you will also need a very capable team of engineers with good sync of programming to their mechanics...i can simply say you you need mechanical engineers at least 5 such make a basic humanoid...but sophia is not merely a humanoid...its a TTS(text to speech) or STT(speech to text)api....i mean its just like google assistant with a huge built in database without having to depend to depend on internet for every thing.....its a mere combination of local database and a bit of artificial intelligence.....where as in humanoids...AI plays major role...yet a perfect sync of mechanics with electronics is a very thing for making a humanoid.....yet you may try to make one which can do small tasks....all the very best...#AJAY kumar

@AKSHATH JAYAKUMAR • 27 Aug, 2019 • 1 like

hi guys,i think we can do this by google sdk and snowboy

@Pavan eshwar • 18 Sep, 2019

I am 3rd year ECE student.

I am instrested in doing the above project for my academics .

can you guide me.

please contact me if you can,

@Md Mosleuddin Sahan • 26 Mar, 2020

sir Akshay Nagpal I want to Make a personal Voice Assistance Robot.Sir plz help me.i read in 11 class. I am from bangladesh

@عبد الجبار المعموري • 01 May, 2020

Please I need details on this project and I am willing to pay what you require from an amount

@CHAKITH PATIL • 07 Aug, 2020 • 1 like

please,can you share the code of this please,,,,sir,,,,,

please,,even i want do like this please,,,

i request you sir ,,please,,,

@RIYA SADNANI • 27 Oct, 2020

Hello sir...I am final year student and i want to make same project so will you plz help me...will you plz share me the code...

@RIYA SADNANI • 27 Oct, 2020

Sir plz help as soon as will be good for us to gain more knowledge and explore us in new technologies...sir it's an humble request plz help me..


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