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hello friendsšŸ˜Ži am a computer engineer student and this year i have to do a seminar project...what i decided to do after reading many ideas is to convert sign language to text in the computer and from text to sound that helps mute people to communicate!!anyway...to convert from sign to text i am going to use a cam as an interface so i am going to deal with pattern recognition, and i will also use matlab for programming. for text to sound i will use a ready application and interface it with my computer!that what i am planning till now. any help from where i should start working a need some help to know with what i should start and if you have any idea that may help me i am ready to listen...please a need this project to be accomplished to help mute people to talkšŸ˜hey if u have an intersting title for this project it will be great too because next week i should give the dr. my titlešŸ˜’thanks alot for your help


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Topic: American Sign Language Detection with Text to Speech

    1. Acquire frames
    2. Detect motion
    3. Skin Segmentation
    4. Extract hand part
    5. Train some signs through Training ( with fetaure selection as shape features like curvelet transform or Zernike moments)
    6. Test with neural Network
    7. Detected text is wriiten in file and call TTS engine to convert to speech!
  • rim
    ok what the first step i should begin with please!!what should i start doing research on and start working things like that
  • rim
    what do u mean by acquiring a frame i feel that i am dump!! although i am the first on my class and a crazy engineeršŸ˜

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