• After a long wait, VLC - one of the most popular media player - has now been deployed on the Windows Store for Windows 8 users. The latest version of VLC i.e. 0.2.0 is in Beta stage, which means there are many features which still needs some modification until we get a stable version of it. VideoLAN, the developer of VLC said that the desktop version of VLC media player had problems like lagging of video and problems in rendering audio which were all fixed in this version.

    Keeping the old features same, VLC media player is now capable of playing almost every video format and supports music playback including MKV and FLAC support. With all these features it allows for multiple track selection along with embedded subtitles. This version of VLC is also supported on x86 and x64 versions of Windows.


    Coming to the limitations of VLC 0.2.0 - it has to be noted that - the Beta version is reported to be very slow, even slower than the desktop version of VLC media player and has no hardware acceleration. Though it supports subtitles, but it is reported to be not so good because it only supports embedded subtitles. Audio feature of VLC media player does not work properly on all configurations. Jean Baptiste, President VideoLAN assures that their team is working on fixing the bugs as a top priority.

    All these reported bugs suggest one thing that version 0.2.0 of VLC is not at all a stable version and needs a lot of changes. What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in comments below.

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  • Rajni Jain

    MemberMar 14, 2014

    VLC is good but only for those computers that do not have the valid warranty.

    VLC magnifies the volume by 200% and as per hardware manufacturer's that can damage the speakers. A representative from Dell told me that using having VLC on system will lapse the warranty for speakers.

    I hope VLC will do something in this direction.
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  • Shah Sharath

    MemberMar 15, 2014

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