Safia Fida
Safia Fida
Computer Science
16 Sep 2018

Vision based security and monitoring system - how to start and which platform to use?

I am about to start my final year project. I have researched and found that i would have to have my hands on image processing and object recognition through machine learning which wont be that easy. Please help me with it

17 Sep 2018

Vision based security and monitoring system seems to me like a CCTV surveillance project. Could you tell us what are the features of your project beyond recording videos? 

We'd need more information about your project to make better suggestions. In general, you could make use of Amazon Rekognition service to handle all your image and video feeds. 

What setup you'd need and what tools you can use can only be determined after knowing about project in more detail. 

17 Sep 2018

Here's one of the projects that was submitted to a competition we had organized few years ago -

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