Virtual machine with VMware

Friends, I thought of contributing to engineers who are crazily trying to get on with 2 or more OSs on same machine. Multiple OS (dual/ multiboot) is an option, but if you have to save on a lot of space and energy, here’s one way out.

Virtual machines

Topic speaks for itself and rightly so, I am speaking of a virtual machine.


Virtual machine is software used to create a virtual environment of an OS. This can be used as a normal operating system helping to operate on two or more operating systems on one physical machine. The virtual machine operates as a separate independent (complete set of operating system same as physical operating system) machine.

Very good software that I came across is:

VMware: This is Virtual machine software provided by VMware. Inc.

Let’s look into this software. This is an elegant product and undoubtedly holds merits in specific environments.

Virtual Machine Environment

We use virtual environment in order to use a different OS altogether and use different versions of same software on one physical machine(e.g. to create an environment to use IE 7.0 and 6.0 as well as FF 1.5 and 2.0 simultaneously on one machine).This is not the only usage and this software has gamut for multifarious requirements.

I just tried out this software on a machine and came with some conclusion:

The following software and hardware configurations have been used to install the virtual machine software. A practical usage of the virtual machine software has been carried out to make estimation of the parameters.

What I did: Used a Host OS as follows

OS :-Windows XP SP2

Machine: - HP Compaq dx2000 MT
Ram : - 1GB (Preferable)
CPU : - 2.8GHz


1. Speed: Operating speed of VMware is moderate. E.g.: Login to VM ware took 40 seconds. But it is really good in flow while one starts the VM.

2. License: The demo license has to be sought monthly from the VMware site. Else license has to be bought.

3. Multiple
OS: VMware allows user to browse to different images / Snapshots with a simple click (image is an OS here). This means user is able to use different OSs with ease and very fast. Memory swapping is used here.
E.g. this would be useful when a new set of softwares on a OS need to be set.

4. User compliance: The speed of operation being comparable to normal
PC, objects move fast and user is able to execute actions faster.

5. Effect on Localhost: While using VMware, the host OS (physical OS) gets affected and lowers in speed. This is an effect of the Big software and OS image in it.Still no worries, your RAM will take care of this.

SO - VMWare is a good option based on speed and ease of operations. The only constraint for use is the License issue. A fast, swift ,cool application that can make up a new OS and that too allowing its use on one physical machine along with another OS operating besides.

Just go into it you’ll feel, ah…! I’m into my OS again.



  • Elisa

    Nice writeup on VM. Very well written and informative as well. Microsoft offers a similar tool called Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. A nice alternative to VMWare. Although in comparison, VMWare ranks higher than MSVPC 2007.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    VMWare Player is not free? 😔 It'll be great to use this on Linux, running windows applications 😀
  • Vaibhav
    VMWare Player is not free? 😔 It'll be great to use this on Linux, running windows applications 😀
    VMware is not free but it does have a provision of monthly demo license(a substantial time;-)).
  • crook
    VMware is not free but it does have a provision of monthly demo license(a substantial time;-)).
    Do you mean VMware is a time limited shareware? 😔 Is it available for Mac OSX ?
  • dragonballz
    VMware is not free but it does have a provision of monthly demo.but you can try getting it from site...😉
  • rick
    I have used Microsoft Virtual PC. I am willing to answer any question related to VPC.

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