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praveen_EEE • Mar 2, 2012

virtual inductance

can anyone tell the meaning and operation of virtual inductance
Donagh • Mar 2, 2012
I have heard only one instance of virtual inductance. It was back in RF circuits at college where we were designing base load terminated transmission lines that depending on what length they were would act as virtual inductors or capacitors.
praveen_EEE • Mar 2, 2012
but could u please tell me how it works... what is the main working function for virtual inductance...
Donagh • Mar 5, 2012
It’s kind of a long story, the only advice I can give you about this is to find a radio frequency circuit design book and have a good read... OH WAIT!
another meaning of it could be that it is an equivalent inductance. Say for a circuit diagram to make solving problems easier you would stack all of your inductances into one virtual inductor in order to make your calculations easier.
Like when your modelling an induction motor.
praveen_EEE • Mar 6, 2012
thank you boss... you meant to say this type of inductance are only used for the calculation purpose.. am i right...

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