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Videolicious App Helps Editing Quality Videos Faster

Want to preserve your quality moments in a quality video even if you are not that good at editing the videos? Here is something you must definitely check out. Videolicious which is a free app for the iPhones and the iPad helps you edit the videos in a sophisticated manner even if you are not a professional video editor. This app runs with the iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation) or iPad 2.


This app is designed to get the best possible result in the least amount of time. Following steps need to be followed to get a quality video:
  • Select the videos or photos which you want to include in the final video. They may be from your photo library or the pics taken from your camera.
  • Then the app asks the user to tell the story behind the photos or the video selected and records the story you tell.
  • It then offers to select the accompanying music for your video to suit the situation. This can be done from the app itself or from your song playlist.
  • After having selected all the required elements for the video, Videolicious analyzes all the components of the video and fits them together appropriately to make a superb quality video. It takes less than a minute to process the complete video.
The only problem with this app is that it cannot be given a final touch with the “Final Cut” or the iMovie. This is what the Techcrunch TV head Jon Orlin has to say: It’s impressive. It’s not going to put professional video editors out of business. But, for videos you shoot with your phone and don’t want to spend time to bring into iMovie or Final Cut, this software is great. By the time you imported all the clips into a separate editing program, Videolicious would have a finished video”.(

Furthermore, Videolicious is in partnership with Martha Stewart, SELF magazine, LUCKY magazine and ReadyMade. This facilitates them to further engage with their readers and this is done by allowing them to upload their Videolicious Video content. Now let us hope that the Videolicious people come out with a similar type of application compatible with other standard cell phones so that it would be easy for everybody to trap their quality moments with ease.

Image Credit: Videolicious

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