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@Ankita Katdare • 31 Jul, 2015 • 1 like
Videocon d2h app has been launched on both Android and iOS platforms. The app lets you watch some of the leading TV channels from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. The Videocon d2h app is called 'Direct to Mobile' and is available for free downloading via Google Play Store as well as iTunes Store. Currently, the app supports more than 80 Live TV channels including the likes of DD National, Sony, Sab TV, NDTV India, Aaj Tak, News Nation, B4U etc. Apart from the top TV channels, the app also supports more than five thousands on-demand video content. Here's the catch - To access the app's service, you need to be an active Videocon d2h subscriber and the price to view these television channels is Rs. 60 per month.


Among the other features highlighted by Videocon, the Direct To Mobile app supports all mobile network operators for video streaming. Moreover, there's search feature, genre based classification, a program guide (it lists all the programs one week ahead) and a what's hot section. Users can set their favorite channels on front page for quicker access and there's also an option set program reminders, so you are notified when your program is about to start.

Videocon D2H app comes with adaptive bit rate streaming so that the quality of the video is adjusted according to your network's bandwidth. Last but not the least, the app comes with social media integration for Facebook, so that you can share what you're watching on your timeline from within the app without hassle.

If you're wondering about the app eating your data plan, well Videcon does mention that the data charges will be applicable as per your data plan with the mobile operator.

How do you like the idea of watching TV channels on your app? Do know that Videocon D2H is not the only one offering these services. Which is your favorite TV channel watching app? Share with us in comments below.

Source: Google Play Store | iTunes Store
@sakshi pawar • 31 Jul, 2015 It is really good.....

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