video processing in matlab


I am trying to analyze some videos where a surface is moving. I have the video files in avi format, but i don't know how to get matlab to read them. I think i need to split the movie files into individual frames, but I cant find the command to have matlab load a movie that was not captured using the matlab (I am referring to the pendulum tutorial.)

If anyone can help, it would be great.



  • xheavenlyx
    Hey, You know, Matlab has the best HELP files I have ever seen in a technical program, which is included with the CD itself!!

    Secondly, I think you must use the search function on Crazyengineers, as I have already written a lot about this same topic.
    Yeah, I have looked at both, I am just having trouble finding a program that will split the avi into jpeg or tiff files. I don't want to use one of the screen shot programs because i will loose so much resolution that way.



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