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totalcrazy007 • Mar 29, 2014

VAWT Wind Pump

Hey all,

I am thinking of doing a project on wind pumping system using VAWT. But can I combine water pumping and electricity generation using the same system? If so how? Any ideas. Am not talking about hybrid using solar panels.

There is nothing very difficult about using a prime mover like VAWT for either power generation or water pumping. Except that it has to be one or the other at a given time. You can design a shift mechanism that engages one or the other.
totalcrazy007 • Mar 29, 2014
thanks for your suggestion Mr.Ramani. I am planing to make this project suitable for areas with medium or low wind speed.Can it be possible using VAWT as it need to be small for residential use.
Have a look at this UK survey:

One advantage of using wind power for water pumping is that if one uses a positive displacement pump (Can be even a diaphragm pump) the variable speed of the wind only varies the pump output. Here is an example:

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