Use of surge capacitors in a power house while using vaccum cicuit breaker?

On the name plate of a 2.7 MW Alternator it read that " In case of Vaccum Circuit breaker use surge protective equipment" . So we are using Surge Capacitors.. but guys what is the need? please explain... the capacitors are used between line to earth. And also we are using Lightning arresstor of 7.2 KV line to earth. the Generation of Alternator is 6.6 KV and capacitor rating is also 6.6 kv. but how does that relate to the use of vaccum circuit breakers


  • parth 127
    parth 127
    see now a days only vaccum and sf6 circuit breakers are used for high voltages and may be capacitance is used for switching purpose
  • neo23
    how can you use capacitors for switching? I am stating that we are using vaccum circuit breakers for switching purposes.
  • parth 127
    parth 127
    oh sorry i didnt read your question properly i dont think so capacitor must be used but may be it is used bcoz they must be using resistance switching to quench the arc in breaker which is caused due to restriking voltage so there are only 2 ways to quench the arc in circuit breaker they are 1.high resistance method 2. current zero method

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