USB Type C Connector : 10 Gbps, Slimmer & Reversible

USB 3.0 promoter group specifications for next generation of USB (3.1) have been released and it looks like it's going to be a lot more advanced than the current generation of USB connectors. The new connector, called Type-C connector is being targeted at the slimmer generation of mobiles and tablets. The key characteristics of the USB Type C Connector are -
  • A brand new design, that may not resemble the current design of USB, Mini-USB and Micro-USB (Type-A, Type-B or Micro-B etc.)
  • Smaller in size - to that of USB 2.0 Micro-B
  • Reversible: You don't have to pay attention to the orientation of the plug.
  • Support for scalable power charging
  • Easy scaling for future USB performance.
The specifications are expected to be available to the industry leaders for review in Q1 of 2014. Can't wait to see how the new connector will look like. In the mean time, Apple & Intel have already standardised the Thunderbolt 2 design that offers 20 Gbps. By the time the new USB connector makes it way, I'm sure Apple and Intel will do 40 or 50 Gbps?


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