USB to RJ45

Hi CEans,

my uncle used to face trouble in his shop when he wanted to connect a printer with PC, due to the distance and space constraints. I failed trying with a USB extension as the distance from PC to printer was around 25 mts. I knew that USB will last long max upto 5-7mts. Now i tried searching for USB extentions above 20mts, and i landed to USB-RJ45 converter which will boost upto 45mts(only USB2.0). But not cost effective it would reach in my hand only to cost around Rs. 5000-7000/- (i.e 125-175$). I dropped the buying option, went to electronics market got a RJ45 cable for 6$, got a RJ45 crimps worth 2$, and two RJ45 box worth 1.25$. Thats it rest of all were done. see below for connections details.


Pin# 1 +5V(RED)

Pin# 2 D- (white) <---------- USB Device

Pin# 3 D+ (Green)

Pin# 4 GND (Black)


Pin# 1 +5V(RED)

Pin# 2 D- (white) ------------> PC

Pin# 3 D+ (Green)

Pin# 4 GND (Black)

the same way you can also use this to extend VGA signals. ( Only thing is you will have to match the impedance in case of VGA) Any doubts reply back.


  • Mr Download
    Mr Download
    wow this is a good idea

    but can you gave a pic of this way to more understand

    and thanks alot
  • crazysandy
    right now i dont have a pic for it. i will post it by tommorow.
  • ze.packo
    Please, post that image. This stuff is all new to me, and without images i won't get there.

    I'm trying to connect a bluetooth usb dongle to my pc by converting the usb connector to a rj45 ethernet cable.

    I apreciate every help i can get
  • mkaras
    This extension scheme is bogus and violates the cable length of USB. Just because the OP has changed the cable type and connectors does not legitimize it as a good extension technique. USB has specific length specifications over its types of cable and connectors to permit the signals to arrive at the device with integrity and for the delivered 5V power on the bus to arrive without excessive drop in the cable.

    A far better way to extend to a pinter is to setup a wireless network in the area of the computer and then use a wireless print server to drive the printer. There are print servers available that can support printers with USB ports, RJ45 Ethernet connections, and the standard type parallel printer connection. One type of suitable wireless print server is the NetGear WGPS606. You can learn more about this device at:

    There are many WGPS606s available at eBay for quite a range of prices.

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