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gudu • Dec 12, 2008

Urgent: Circuit to measure human pulse rate

can some one help me with a circuit to measure human pulse rate ????
bill190 • Dec 12, 2008
Two types.

One type is a blood pressure cuff which also detects pulse.

The other sends light through the ear lobe. As blood is pumped through the ear lobe with each beat of the heart, the amount of light which can pass through diminishes. So more light, less light, more light, less light, etc.

Arm pressure cuff...

Ear lobe...
IR Heart Pulse Monitor Senses heart pulst through earlobe via an infrared clip Infrared Reverse engineered circuit diagram of a pulse sensor board out treadmill Notice that the output
coolsank • Dec 13, 2008
You can check out this..its called Photoplethysmography,......... Photoplethysmograph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And i guess a little bit of work through google could lead you to this...

Calculating the heart rate - data logging experiment

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