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    #-Link-Snipped-# - PiUPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply & Portable Power for Raspberry Pi or Arduino. PiUPS runs on 3

    Raspberry Pi is a small single board Linux computer that's usually connected to a power source and, hence, limited to desk use. So we invented PiUPS, a portable power supply for Raspberry Pi that allows you to go wherever you want, without power interruption. Not only does PiUPS provide power, it's also smart. It can send events and data to your Pi, like low battery, battery voltages and current levels. You can even configure your Pi to act on those events.

    We launched PiUPS on Kickstarter...
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  • Miki Oracle

    MemberApr 1, 2014

    Hi DGP,

    Quite excited about this project, will you keep it open for the young kids like to learn. Would be more than happy to get this done like an DIY for my pi.


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