UPS battery Test

Hi, is there any way to test the battery of a UPS without opening the case? I need to use a multimeter to test the battery voltage and test it again hours later to see if it is the same or losing charge. But how can I use the multimeter to test it without opening the case? It is a very standard APC UPS I am talking about here.
Any advice is appreciated


  • AnilKumarTiwari
    For the testing of any battery following data is required.

    Cuurent Rating - in Ampere Hour.
    Voltage Rating - in Volts.

    Suppose a battery of rating 40 Ah of 12 Volts.

    You connect the load of 40 A to battery and take the voltage reading.

    Voltage should be same during the load and no load. Multimeter must have to show constant reading.

    The given test is not more than 5 seconds.
    If it is not showing constant the battery may be not in full charge condition or may be manufacturing defects.
  • AnilKumarTiwari
    See the ampere hour and voltage of battery.
    Connect any D.C.load and multimeter in its terminals.
    Multimeter must show the same voltage during no load & full load.

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