uProxy - Google Attempts To Secure The Browsing Routes

On the move and concerned about the security of internet connection that you are using? Well, Google seems to have addressed your concerns by coming up with ‘uProxy’. Seeded by Google and created by University of Washington & Brave New Software, uProxy aims at providing a more secure and private internet through a third party. It is essentially a browser extension that can provide an alternative route to internet. While using an alien internet connection, there might be certain apprehensions about privacy, and if proper security mechanisms are not in place, then the user is surely at the risk compromising security.

In this scenario, uProxy can be used to route your connection via a more secure connection, probably a trusted friend or a relative who is using internet from some other part of the world can be of great help. The concerned persons can authorize you to use the web through 'their' internet connection. Both the parties should have uProxy installed on their systems and one of them can share the more secure and trusted connection. It becomes harder for intermediate resources to break in as the connection between two is encrypted.

uProxy works like an Open VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is important to understand that uProxy is a browser based service and hence, is not centralized. It becomes difficult to block this service from a particular point as it will move with the user. uProxy has been launched for Chrome and Firefox, but the support for other browsers can be expected in future as mentioned by Google. As of now, the service is in its beta form and has only been launched for the selected trusted testers. However, #-Link-Snipped-# is inviting people with strong technical background to join in for the testing phase.

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