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@Kaustubh Katdare • 05 Jul, 2014 • 2 likes
The proud owners of Moto G, Moto E and Moto X phones may now upgrade their phone's firmware to latest Android 4.4.4 Kit-Kat. Google's began offering the upgrade to all the handsets over the air and it's available to all the users in India. Motorola India informed the Moto phone owners through a tweet that they have began rolling out Android 4.4.4 Kit-Kat to all the Moto G, Moto E and Moto X phones. The seasoned users may already have the upgrade being downloaded on their devices, but if you are new user and want to know how to install the upgraded firmware, we've got you covered.

Upgrade Your Moto Phone To Latest Android

The steps to upgrade the firmware are pretty straightforward. First click on the the Menu icon and then find the icon that says 'Settings'. Once you are inside the 'Settings', scroll down till you find an option that says 'About phone'. Tap on it. You will now see another set of options with 'System updates' at the top. Tap on it.


We recommend that you perform all the firmware upgrades by first connecting your phone to a WiFi connection. The firmware upgrades would usually consume several MBs and that may incur your additional costs. Once you've clicked on 'System updates', the phone will connect to the server and try to find whether the system is up to date. If the newer version of the firmware is available, the system will inform you with the details and ask your permission to upgrade. Say 'Yes' if the system asks you whether you wish to perform the upgrade.

From now onward, the system will take care of itself; download all the necessary files and install them. Your handset will restart once and then install the latest downloaded files. Your firmware should now be up to date.

What's New In 4.4.4 Android? : Well, not much! Google says that it's just a minor security update. No new features are being introduced. You should however install the latest software to keep your phone up to date with all the security related updates and patches.
@Abhishek Rawal • 05 Jul, 2014 I don't think they'll directly jump to 4.4.4 skipping the 4.4.3 which has some dialer UI improvements & plenty other bug fixes. Maybe the update includes 4.4.3 + 4.4.4 altogether.
Waiting for the update, refreshing every 15 minutes. No success yet.
@Rajni Jain • 05 Jul, 2014 Moto G / E / X plans to become UN-beatable smartphones (in their respective price category) with Android 4.4.4 (Kit-Kat) upgrade

I don't believe after this upgrade their will be any competition left for the uber cool MOTO E and MOTO G.

Wait! Wait! Competition, how come?
The devices are not available to purchase anywhere in market, are they?
@Abhishek Rawal • 06 Jul, 2014 @Rajni Jain All Moto devices are in stock for now, so yes they're available for purchase 😀
@Kaustubh Katdare • 06 Jul, 2014 Will be rolled out in phases.
@Anoop Mathew • 06 Jul, 2014 Not in market yet!👎👎 Let me know if anyone finds it in any shop/physical stores/electronic stores anywhere in Kochi/Anywhere else! 👀😒
@Abhishek Rawal • 06 Jul, 2014 @Anoop Mathew I don't think it will be available in any physical stores for atleast few more months (or maybe never). Just Flipkart 😀
@Abhishek Rawal • 10 Jul, 2014 • 2 likes Screenshot_2014-07-10-15-36-46
@Kaustubh Katdare • 10 Jul, 2014 Nothing much in this update. I wonder whether Android L will make it to Moto G. Does the Moto G meet Android L minimum hardware requirements?
@Abhishek Rawal • 10 Jul, 2014
Kaustubh Katdare
Nothing much in this update.
I noticed that memory consumption has decreased in Moto E.

Screenshot_2014-07-10-18-24-54 Screenshot_2014-07-10-18-27-18

Fruitful update for Moto E users.

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