• Honda's engineers have been doing a lot of amazing work on personal mobility device. The UNI-CUB, which made a debut at the Tokyo Motor Show about four years ago is now getting ready in a smaller version, called UNI-CUB β. It's Honda's smaller, lighter vehicle for your intra-office transportation and also a great aid to the disabled. The UNI-CUB was initiated introduced as U3-X and was a result of about 3 decades of Honda's research into robotics; especially the humanoid robots.


    What's most impressive about the UNI-CUB is that it features Honda Omni Traction Drive System with self balancing. Steering the vehicle is done by your body weight; and you can control it by leaning in the direction in which you want to move. For example, if you want to move forward, all you have to do is sit on the vehicle and 'lean forward'.

    Those who're visiting the Tokyo Motor Show may test ride the UNI-CUB and share their experience with us.

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