19 Feb 2008

Underground city planned for Amsterdam

How many of you have heard about underground city....

"Amsterdam is to go underground -- thanks to the shortage of space and rising land prices."

This crazy idea is going to convert in a truth... according to a dutch architect... construction will start by 2020...

Do you guys this will be successful... or it will remain a another dream only...
and do you think that it should happen...


I am Back "Big K"
lady malady

lady malady

Branch Unspecified
11 years ago
That sounds brilliant! I'll read up more about it. Considering all the civil engineering wonders that have already come up, I don't think this will remain a mere dream.
As for whether is should happen... everything has its good and bad sides right? It is definitely a needed as far as accommodation of the growing population is concerned. But considering how much we tax our planet already, I does cause quite a few concerns.

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