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@jbhoi • 10 Oct, 2014

I have gone through the required documents on link

And follow steps as mentioned in that for getting digital signature. But after cropping the box (which is 2 cm height and 7 cm width) my image have 279x75 pixel which is invalid as per specification. Now if i resize as per the document then ( 120 width and 420 height ) the image is stretched vertically and not shown signature properly.

can any one have idea how can i get correct image?
@Abhishek Rawal • 11 Oct, 2014 How did you even converted 279x75 px image to 120x420 px ? 😲
@jbhoi • 11 Oct, 2014 using online image editor link is

Also have converted image to 350 x 80 which looks good, but it's fail to upload in chrome browser. Also it failed to upload my photo( 413 x 531).

But as per my surprise everything successfully uploaded when i uploaded it using Firefox browser.

So any thing wrong in official website which suppose not check validation on firefox browser?

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