• UltraHaptics is a new type of technology with a potential to create a revolution in the human-computer interfaces. The system allows users to experience and feel the virtual objects on the screen - without even touching the display! UltraHaptic is the mid-air haptic feedback system that works magically above the touch surface!

    The UltraHaptics technology uses the acoustic radiation force. The system uses a phased array of ultrasonic transducers to create forces in the air, at a distance from the surface. These sensations projected from the screen on the user's hand above the surface create a feeling of real touch! Unbelievable, isn't it? The display itself must be special - that is should be transparent to the 40 kHz ultrasound.

    I believe this technology would be immensely useful in medical trainings or remote demonstrations. I believe it also has the potential to be the next big thing in console gaming as well. Maybe our next generation of 8K TVs will ship loaded with this technology? Watching movies with UltraHaptics would be an amazing experience - for you'll be able to feel all the punches and kicks right in your living room, for real!
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